Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Battle over college admission application platforms

CollegeNET, a software vendor to colleges, is suing the Common App., and also providing software support for it's newer competitor, the  Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success.

 The Chronicle of Higher Ed has the (gated) story:

How Admissions Competition Brought New Rivalries, Strange Bedfellows, and ‘An Us-Versus-Us Lawsuit’  By Eric Hoover JUNE 03, 2018

"CollegeNET’s complaint claims that the Common Application used unfair tactics to stomp competitors and monopolize the market. It also claims that participating colleges (though not named as defendants) colluded to limit spending on application-processing services, harming other companies as well as applicants. How? By homogenizing the application process and causing "application churn," in which students apply to more and more colleges."

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