Monday, May 1, 2017

School choice in Chicago: GoCPS

Here's an account from New Schools for Chicago:
Chicago Board of Education Approves the Single Application
"Yesterday, the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of moving to a single application for all public high schools in the city. This decision comes just after a recently released report from the Institute for Innovation in Public School Choice (IIPSC) and New Schools for Chicago outlining the feedback and recommendations of parents from across the city. "

And here's a news story from WTTW:

"The Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to approve a new common application for students entering district high schools this fall. The new model, called “GoCPS,” is aimed at transparency and efficiency in that application process, according to CPS Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson.

“We cannot have a system that allows some people to feel that they can access with ease while others feel like it’s too complicated and choose to disengage," she said. "So moving forward, GoCPS allows us to bring more people into the fold, but it also allows us an opportunity to use technology to support them.”

In the current system, students can fill out multiple applications and receive offers from high schools.

With GoCPS, students will fil out a single application, rank their school choices and receive a maximum of two offers – one each from a selective and non-selective school. If they choose to reject those offers, students would go through the process a second time and receive new offers.

If those too are rejected, the student would be placed in their neighborhood school with the option to apply for a transfer within the first 20 days of the school year."

And here's the IIPSC report: 

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