Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Health inequality at the Trento festival of economics, June 1-4

The city of Trento hosts a festival of economics each year. I'll be participating. Here's an English announcement of this year's theme:
Trento Economics Festival 2017: “the Unequal Health”

And here: Festival dell'Economia: 1-4 giugno

Here's the web page and program in Italian and in English (click on the Union Jack)

Here's a page describing the three events that I'll take part in on June 1 and 2. In the first I'll speak about market design and kidney exchange, in the second about my book, which recently came out in Italian, and the third event will be a panel discussion of repugnant transactions:

Mercato e disuguaglianze nella salute

introduce Tito Boeri In che misura facilitare l'incontro tra domanda e offerta di organi può salvare vite umane e...


Market design, kidney exchange, and health inequality

introduced by Tito Boeri
To what extent can facilitating the bringing together of supply and demand for organs save human lives and reduce health inequality? In particular, is it possible to organise the exchange of kidneys efficiently, taking into account ethical and regulatory restrictions? To what extent is this exchange between rich and poor countries manageable on a global scale?
Teatro Sociale

Matchmaking. La scienza economica del dare a ciascuno il suo

a cura di Einaudi ne discutono Dino Gerardi, Matteo Motterlini coordina Tonia Mastrobuoni


Mercati per il corpo umano: sfruttamento o opportunità?

coordina Mario Macis In Italia così come in molti altri paesi, il fabbisogno di organi per trapianti è superiore...


Markets for the human body: exploitation or opportunity?

speaker and coordinator Mario Macis
In Italy, as in many other countries, the demand for transplant organs exceeds supply, and the gap is increasing over time. Is it possible to consider the idea that providing monetary payment for donors or other forms of exchange, as takes place in other countries, may contribute towards filling the gap between supply and demand? Is there not a risk of introducing unacceptable forms of exploitation and unfairness?
Palazzo della Provincia - Sala Depero

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