Saturday, October 29, 2016

Organ donation in Wales (where registration is now opt out)

Here's an early, optimistic report:
Organ donation rates have risen since the 'opt-out' system was introduced in Wales

"There has been a rise in the number of organs being donated by people in Wales since the new “opt out” law was put in place last year.

New figures from the Organ Donation Annual Report 2016 have revealed a 7% increase in the number of deceased donors donating in Welsh hospitals, up from 60 in 2014-15 to 64 in 2015-16.

Similarly, the number of donors after brain death increased by 13% to 36, while the number of donors after circulatory death remained the same at 28."
I can't actually find the full year figures through the end of their fiscal year, but here is
Organ Donation and Transplantation Activity Data: WALESAnnual data for financial years 2011/12 to 2014/15 and data for 2015/16 - first 3 quartersDate published: January 2016

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