Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Matching patients to clinical trials

There are lots of clinical trials that a patient might be eligible for, but with many constraints on eligibility it isn't trivial to match patients to trials. has a story:
 Providers turn to technology to match patients to clinical trials

"Clinical trial recruitment has long been one of the most challenging areas of drug development, with the potential to add significant costs and delays. And as the medical field gains a greater understanding of cancer pathways and genomics, finding patients for these trials has become only more complex.

Now a number of technology companies are aiming to solve that problem by helping providers identify clinical trials for patients who might qualify.
"At any given time, there are as many as 180,000 ongoing clinical trials, each with its own specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. Meanwhile, physicians have only 15 minutes, in many cases, to explore these options with a patient"

HT: Itai Ashlagi

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