Friday, August 5, 2016

Matching refugees and landlords in Sweden, by Tommy Andersson and Lars Ehlers

 After refugees have found a country of asylum, there's still work to do. Here's some help on how to do it in Sweden:

Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden:Stable Maximum Matchings
 Tommy Andersson and Lars Ehlers
June 2016

Abstract In Sweden, asylum seekers are either deported or granted a residence permit. Refugee families with a residence permit are assigned to the different local municipalities. Since almost all accommodation options are exhausted in Sweden, households in some municipalities are asked to state their willingness to accommodate refugee families. In line with the European NGO “Refugees Welcome”, a refugee family and a landlord (household) are mutually acceptable if they have a language in common and if the number of offered beds of the household exceeds the number of beds needed by the refugee family. This paper proposes an algorithm that finds a maximum matching (filling the maximal number of beds) which in addition is stable.

Theorem 1. For any profile R, there exists a stable maximum matching

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