Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Informal poll of transplant professionals on contemplating compensation for kidney donors

When I spoke in February at the American Society of Transplantation Cutting Edge of Transplantation Conference,  they used a technology that allowed audience members to be polled at their seats and have the answers immediately tabulated.  The conference recently sent out a mailing of those polls, and here are the two questions I asked, and the replies they received from the approximately 200 transplant professionals in the audience (a self-selected group who had elected to attend a session entitled "Removing Disincentives and Exploring Controversies of Incentives").

The point I try to make when I ask this pair of questions is that many people answer the two questions differently. Part of what we all need to do in understanding and negotiating different understandings of which transactions are and should be repugnant is to note that many people find some transactions repugnant, and it's important to try understand not only your own answers to these questions but other people's as well...

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