Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Signaling English language proficiency with video interviews

Colleges are increasingly availing themselves of video and internet technology to assess language skills of foreign applicants: see e.g. this story in the WaPo:
Amid fraud fears, colleges vet China applicants with video

I'm an advisor to one of the companies they mention, Initial View.

"One service provider, InitialView, was launched in Beijing in 2009 by an American couple. While many colleges have interviewed students themselves on the Internet, the company offers verification of student identities. InitialView conducts interviews in 14 cities across China and has begun operating in other countries. "

Here's an earlier, related NYT story: Chinese Students and U.S. Universities Connect Through a Third Party

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Joshua Gans said...

Another approach is for colleges to require video applications from everyone. This is being done at many colleges using

Of course, I have advised them!