Friday, March 4, 2016

NYC High School Match Day

If you are a NYC 8th grader, or have one in your family, this is a big day. Good luck!

Chalkbeat has the story (with links to their earlier coverage of high school admissions):
On high school match day, a Chalkbeat guide to high school admissions debates
By Stephanie Snyder

"Most of New York City’s eighth-graders will find out what high school they were matched with on Friday — which means it’s going to be a day of stress, celebration, and a few tears.

"Students have been waiting for the last three months to hear where they would be placed after navigating the city’s complicated choice-based high school system. In December, nearly 75,000 teenagers finished that process, often sifting through a 649-page directory to find and rank their top picks."

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