Saturday, February 7, 2015

Differential Privacy: an appreciation of Cynthia Dwork

On Thursday I heard Cynthia Dwork talk about differential privacy in San Diego, and here is an appreciation of her at the CS blog called Godel's lost letter and P=NP by Dick Lipton and Ken  Regan:

Cynthia Dwork and a Brilliant Idea

Here's their introductory paragraph:
"This concept is brilliant. It is, in our opinions, one of the greatest definitions of this century. Okay the century is just fifteen years old, but it is a terrific notion. She deserves credit for seeing that this simple one would have such far reaching consequences and for following through on it. Her paper—still in the 12-page ICALP 2006 proceedings format—begins with three prose pages of motivation that are a breath of fresh air. The definition originated from work with Frank McSherry in a prior paper also with Kobbi Nissim and Adam Smith, and has grown to fill a book joint with Aaron Roth."

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