Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monty Python's take on organ donation

Not for the faint of heart, here is Monty Python's take on becoming registered as a deceased donor...

And here (for the humor impaired) is the Mythbusters review of that clip: “Hello, Can We Have Your Liver?” and the Damage of the Monty Python Sketch, excerpted below

"In the scene in question a knock comes at a man’s door.  “Hello, can we have your liver?” asks John Cleese, clad in a white coat on the doorstep, “But, I’m (still) using it!!!” objects the resident.  His wife comes along as Cleese and company are ripping the liver from her screaming husband, “is this because he took out one of those silly cards?,” she asks, and then adds,  “Typical of him! Always full of good intentions!”

"While art –in this case comedy– can turn our eyes inwards, scenes like this,  urban legends, and other myths have done much to discourage organ donation in our society.  At the crux of the matter is the fact that organ donation can save lives. Many lives. When you pass away your thoughtfulness and selflessness can give someone back a life they might otherwise not live.

"Here is that myth debunked.

"THE MYTH: If I sign my donor card or register my consent & I become injured or sick, the Doctors will not take every care to keep me alive. Instead they will let me die with an eye towards harvesting my organs.

"MYTH BUSTED: The registry can’t be accessed until a person is declared dead. Also, ICU doctors are a different bunch than the Transplant Docs. You need two independent docs trained in the diagnosis of brain death to proceed to donation. No two docs, no donation.

"There’s a bunch of other protections as well. The key thing is, if this myth happened even once, donor rates would collapse, the system requires total confidence."

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