Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tub thumping about market design in Seoul

Soo Lee and I discuss market design in Seoul: this photo is from this newspaper account (in Korean).

Here's another photo,(apparently I gesticulate...Google translate renders the title as [Photo] tub-thumping Nobel Prize winning economist Elvin Ross)

In this final photo, the translated caption helpfully indicates which one of us is the Korean prime minister.
Nobel economists met the prime minister Prime Minister (left first) and songjaejo jeonghongwon economy TV representatives (third) won the 2012 Nobel Prize in economics, Professor Alvin Ross and talk. / Heomunchan reporter

Seoul is an impressive city, and it seems that there may be lots of opportunities for market design in Korea's thriving economy. Soo and I had an interesting set of meetings yesterday at the Ministry of Education. Today we'll visit the Finance ministry, and later I'll give a talk on kidney exchange at the Samsung Medical Center...

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