Friday, April 12, 2013

Law schools forming law firms to employ new graduates

The NY Times has the story. The quote is from the dean of the Arizona State U. Law School: To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms

"“I realized that was what we needed,” Mr. Sylvester recalled. “A teaching hospital for law school graduates.”

"The result is a nonprofit law firm that Arizona State is setting up this summer for some of its graduates. Over the next few years, 30 graduates will work under seasoned lawyers and be paid for a wide range of services provided at relatively low cost to the people of Phoenix."


Unknown said...

This is an excellent idea, thank you for sharing the link! I think employing more young lawyers will strengthen the legal community of Phoenix, particularly with providing great marketing for law firms.

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That's a good start for every graduate. I believe that it will surely encourage every graduate to be good in school because they know for a fact that if they did well, they will get a job after graduation!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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