Monday, January 28, 2013

The price of lunch for a good cause...we could do it by skype...on eBay today

Here's the eBay auction that will determine who I have lunch with at some future date.
I'll be checking on it this evening, to find out my price. (Right now I look like a bargain.)
It's  a fund raiser for Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley.
It's a good cause, so if you are in the area, think of a lunch in person. And if you are somewhere else, I'd be happy to arrange a lunch for an hour or so over skype at some mutually convenient time (you could be eating dinner while I eat breakfast...)

Here's part of the eBay description (which may be why I'm going at a bargain price:)
"When asked to be one of the celebrities for the JFS “Lunch With…” auction, Roth wrote “you should put up a warning to bidders that I’m not the kind of economist who can predict the future course of the economy, or even explain the financial crisis or the euro situation…” 


Anonymous said...

I'd think that most of those who bid on a dinner with you have heared of the advantages of sniping.

Unknown said...

Really it's a good cause for the price of lunch I like it peter
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