Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pet food on the farm in Switzerland: dogs and cats for human consumption

Sven Seuken alerts me to some food choices in Switzerland that are legal  so long as they are non-commercial: Dog And Cat Meat Is Being Served Up By Farmers In Switzerland - And It's Legal

"According to Tages Anzeiger newspaper, farmers in the Appenzell and St Gallen areas regularly dine on the animals, as is popular in China, Korea and Vietnam.

"One farmer, speaking under anonymity for fear of reprisals from animal rights activists, said it was "nothing unusual" to eat dog or cat meat.
"While there are no official figures of how many of the common pets end up on dinner plates, the practice is legal - provided the animal is killed humanely and the meat is not sold commercially.
"Yet while dining on what many of us regard as treasured companions is permitted, it is largely looked down upon."


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