Thursday, October 6, 2011, a site for jobs for economists in Europe caught my eye with this ad:

Specialist: Industrial Economics, Organizational and Market Design

UCL - Université Catholique de Louvain

Leuven, Belgium

The successful candidate will carry out research in the field of Industrial economics, organizational and market design. He will be expected to develop high quality theoretical and/or applied research in industrial organization, incentive theory, organizational or market design, the economics of information and technology and game theory with applications. The research topics we are interested in include but are not limited to economics of networks, internet, communication medias, innovation and patents, two-sided markets, matching, the theory of the firm, not-for-profit organizations, and auctions.
The successful candidate will have teaching assignments in general economics and in the above-mentioned field within the various degree programmes organised by the Faculty. He will have to supervise master theses and PhD dissertations.
Tasks: The applicant will
  • be responsible for teaching courses at all the study levels (i.e. undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate), as well as in programmes of continuing education;
  • supervise the final diploma work (i.e. master thesis) of undergraduate students, as well as PhD theses;
  • be involved in (and/or supervise, promote) research programmes;
  • contribute to the international visibility of the University through teaching and research excellence;
  • contribute to activities of the University with a societal impact in the fields of the economy, socio-cultural changes or cooperation with developing countries.
Qualifications: the applicant must have
  • a PhD degree in economics, or equivalent qualifications;
  • a significant scientific record proven by international publications;
  • either studied abroad for an extensive period or had substantial experience outside UCL;
  • experience in and aptitude for teaching at university level;
  • the capacity to work within a team of teachers and to integrate research findings in their courses;
  • creativity and must be open to pedagogic innovation and interdisciplinarity;
  • the capacities required to undertake academic research at a high level and to advise, or lead, a research team ;
  • a good knowledge of both spoken and written French. If this is not the case, the applicant should be willing to learn French within 2 years. Fluency in English and other languages is an additional advantage;
  • the capacity to teach in French and in a second language.
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