Saturday, October 29, 2011

Buy and Sell First Dates (now we're just bargaining over the price)

That's the idea behind What's Your, a two sided dating platform in which Generous People (appears to be mostly guys) can negotiate a price to meet Attractive People (appears to be mostly girls). (It reminds me of the old joke whose punchline is "now we're just bargaining over the price."

How it works:Three Steps To Using
  • Fill out your profile and upload a photo...

    Your experience with starts with filling out a profile about yourself, who you'd like to meet and what you expect on a first date. In order to use the website, you must have an approved profile, and at least one approve photo of yourself.
  • Make an offer or accept an offer...

    Once you find the people you'd like to date, ask them out by making an offer. If you're a generous user, name the price you're willing to pay for the first date. And, if you're an attractive user, name the price you want to get paid for the first date. Our offer negotiating system will allow you to accept an offer, reject an offer, or counter with a different price.
  • Send a message to setup a date!

    Once an offer is accepted, you're ready to plan the date. Simply write a message to schedule a time and place for your first date. It's simple and it's fun! First Date Etiquette

After you've accepted an offer for a first date, it's time to plan and schedule the first date. You may want to check out some of our first date ideas, but do try to be creative. The next thing you may be wondering is how does a generous user of the website go about paying an attractive user for the first date. Here are some general etiquette and rules regarding Do's and Don'ts.
* DO NOT pay or ask anyone for payment prior to meeting for a date
* If someone asks you to send money by Western Union, report them immediately
* Generous members are expected to pay for the date (there's no going dutch here)
* Our advice: Pay 50% of the date at the start of the date, and 50% at the end
* DO NOT accept personal checks or cashier's checks - there's just too much fraud
* CASH is king, and pay only when you meet your date in person

HT: James W. Boudreau

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