Saturday, September 24, 2011

Upheaval among college sports conferences

The Chronicle of Higher Ed, reporting on the recent changes in colleges athletic affiliations (with indications of more to come), had this to say: Pitt and Syracuse Join ACC in Major-Conference Shakeup

"The weekend’s upheaval comes at a time when conference affiliation has assumed unparalleled importance for many major-college programs. Media-rights contracts have driven much of the recent reshuffling: Leagues with expansive geographic reach can secure footholds in key television markets, and are able to bring in ever-higher sums from media companies with a seemingly insatiable appetite for college sports."

The Atlantic Coast Conference seems likely to add more members.

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DRDR said...

The quote "media companies with a seemingly insatiable appetite for college sports" makes it sound as if the companies are irrational. In fact, live events have become relatively more valuable in the era of the DVR. The WSJ wrote on this recently.