Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beauty can make for a repugnant transaction...

At least some Saudi women seem to be objecting to a transaction that might be agreeable to the other parties involved: Saudi women object to import of Moroccan maids as too beautiful

"Women in Saudi Arabia have innundated the government with complaints over plans to import Moroccan women as housemaids. The reason: Moroccan women are just too beautiful and may lure the Saudi husbands away.
"The ban on maids from Indonesia and the Philippines hit Saudi households hard, causing many to resort to hiring illegal maids over Ramadan. The Saudis are reliant on foreign workers to perform their household tasks for them and very few Saudi women will work in such menial positions despite high unemployment, as they would be looked down on by other Saudis.

"The ban came into effect following the two countries attempts to introduce regulations for the work conditions of their nationals. Trade Arabia said both countries demanded better working conditions for their employees. Saudi walked away from the negotiations abruptly and decided to look for domestic employees from countries not as concerned about imposing regulations to protect their workers. It also became clear that lower rates of pay could be offered to other nationals. "

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HT: Nageeb Ali

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Highgamma said...

I don't consider this an issue of repugnance but more an issue of the exertion of market power to prevent competition.