Sunday, September 18, 2011

If it were legal to sell organs for transplantation, what would the ads look like?

From time to time as I maintain this blog, I get a popup window from Google saying that since the blog appears to be popular I could make some money by showing ads from Google AdSense.  So far I have resisted, although an extra skim latte every week or so is tempting.

But I was recently on a site promoting deceased organ donation of transplantable organs. Apparently they are getting those lattes, since this ad appeared at the bottom of their site, giving a glimpse into an alternative universe in which organs are bought and sold:

Organ Sales & Service 
We carry Lowrey & Roland Organs Service all brands

And once you enter that alternative universe, you notice that even the WSJ could be there: this story (pointed out to me by Eric Budish) ran on Friday--
Trafficking in Organs, Mr. Bishop Pipes Up to Preserve a Bit of History  

""We think of ourselves, like the curator of a historical site or the park ranger at Paul Revere's house, as being stewards," says Mr. Bishop, the white-bearded, 56-year-old executive director of the Organ Clearing House, a Charlestown, Mass., company and part of a growing community of "organ rescue" operations."

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Its not logical, you can be a surrogate mother and "sell a baby", so why not, help save the life of a dying person and save myself from ending up on the street due to unemployment by selling a kidney. I am very healthy and have always taken care of myself. It could be saving 2 lives.