Saturday, July 9, 2011

Speaking to a captive audience (not such a valuable offer to a college professor)

Since I am occasionally asked to do a radio interview, it took me a moment to parse this email I received recently:

Hi Alvin,

I'm pleased to announce for a limited time we're offering a 70% discount to participate in our upcoming September/October 2011 edition of "The Innovators" airing on American Airlines.

This special ongoing series spotlights innovative organizations and is a cost effective way to speak to millions of business travelers.  Our team will produce a dynamic one-on-one radio interview that will reach 8.4 million potential listeners.

Your cost is now only $1,497 (normally $4,995) for a one-on-one interview to broadcast worldwide on 58,000 American flights.

We only have a few spots remaining and they will go fast.  Please contact me asap to secure your space.


Steven James
Altitude Media, Inc.
In-Flight Media Specialists

If you click on the link you get to a page that says
Make Your Advertising Dollars
Work Harder - Reach 8.4 Million Travelers on
American Airlines with your own High-Impact,
Long-Form Talk Radio Interview

and lists among the benefits: "Worldwide captive audience"

Maybe it's just the way I earn my living, but speaking to a captive audience doesn't seem like the sort of thing I should be paying them for:)

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Anonymous said...

As one of Al's former students, I'd like to note that he has a very good track record of turning a captive audience into a captivated one.