Sunday, July 17, 2011

NRMP to require participating programs to include all positions in the match


"At its May 16, 2011 meeting, the NRMP Board of Directors voted unanimously to require programs participating in the Main Residency Match to place all positions in the Match. The so-called "All-In" Policy will become effective for the 2013 Match that opens for registration on September 1, 2012. The policy will affect all PGY-1 positions and PGY-2 positions in advanced programs.
The NRMP will continue to accept comments on implementation of the policy, especially as it relates to possible exceptions for residents who enter training off-cycle, GME programs in rural and geographically underserved areas, combined clinical-research programs, and accelerated programs. Final implementation rules will be adopted in May 2012. Read how to submit comments to the NRMP."

The accompanying document includes the following background information, which suggests that at least some positions have matched early (e.g. to the 567 applicants who were withdrawn at "applicant's request"):

HT: Nikhil Agarwal

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dWj said...

Dropping out of the match could be efficient if each side is honestly the other's top choice (or, in the program's case, top set of choices), but neither quite trusts the other's informal assurances of this, and there is some kind of valuable preparation that can be done before the third Thursday in March. It seems more likely to me that these non-participating pairs generally include one member who underestimates his/her/its prospects, possibly due to a misunderstanding of the mathematical properties of the match, but it would be interesting if an honest elicitation of the reason for pre-matching could be made.