Saturday, March 19, 2011

Experimental economics and philosophy in the Basque country

XIV Summer School on Economics and Philosophy (2011), Experiments in Economics, Experiments in Philosophy

Since 1998 the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation has annually organized a Summer School on frontier topics between philosophy and economics and other social sciences, bringing together scholars from all these fields to explore them. The aim of this year Summer School is to explore the potential avenues for collaboration between the growing disciplines of experimental economics and experimental philosophy. Experimental economics has evolved into a thriving subfield, as attested by the number of experimental papers published in leading general economics journals. This growing enthusiasm for experiments in economics has coincided with the revival of philosophical and methodological analyses of causality, which view the controlled experiment as the privileged gate to causal inference. But more importantly, in the last years, a new field known as experimental philosophy has set out to complement or even substitute for pre-theoretical intuitions regarding philosophical themes such as moral dilemmas or rationality. At a moment in which experimental economics is already well-established and experimental philosophy is emerging, this meeting compares their main themes and results.
2. Preliminary list of speakers
Nicholas BARDSLEY (University of Reading), Giorgio CORICELLI (CNRS, Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon), Francesco GUALA (Univ. di Milano), Nagore IRIBERRI (U. Pompeu Fabra), Joshua KNOBE (Yale University), Daniel ZIZZO (University of East Anglia), Cristina BICCHIERI (UPenn), Jason DANA (UPenn)
3. Call for papers
We encourage submission of papers that cover one or more of the above areas. The scientific committee will consider a number of submissions by young scholars at graduate or postgraduate level. The Foundation will cover the registration fees and accommodation expenses of the authors. Please send a pdf abstract of no more than 500 words before April 1st. A decision will be made by April 15th.

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