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Living Liver and Kidney Donation

The American Journal of Transplantation has assembled a "virtual issue" of articles they have published on various aspects of live donation, including kidney exchange. It seems to be ungated.

Living Liver and Kidney Donation

Guest Editor: Dr. Jonathan Bromberg
"This virtual issue of the American Journal of Transplantation is focused on living donation. For practical purposes, the articles are restricted to only liver and kidney donation. It would not be an overstatement to say that donation has probably been the number one issue to dominate the field for the last decade, as organ quality and availability determine all activities in transplantation. The breadth of importance and ramifications of donation are reflected in the wide variety of articles and topics that cover this area of interest. Novel sources of donors, such as altruistic, anonymous, and non-directed donation among others are covered in the first section. While considered even unusual a few years ago, many of these sources are now firmly partly of the mainstream of living donation. Exchanges, swaps, chains, and dominos are included in the second section, reflecting the evolution of the field as ever more complex donor and recipient algorithms are implemented, and their attendant ramifications on quality, cost, and outcomes. The third section covers organ utilization and outcomes, with an emphasis on matching the optimal donor with the correct recipient, and comparing deceased to living donor organs. The fourth section covers regulatory issues at the national and local levels, and their influence on donation and outcomes. The fifth section comprises issues relating to the donor and donor safety. The work-up process, safeguards, operative techniques, short term outcomes, and very long term outcomes are major issues the have dominated recent trends. The sixth and last section covers educational issues as they related to donor and family knowledge and attitudes toward donation, and that affects donation rates. These reports should provide the reader with a comprehensive view of issues in living liver and kidney donation, and the diverse paths taken that have moved the field forward."

Novel Donor Sources:
Twenty-Two Nondirected Kidney Donors: An Update on a Single Center's ExperienceC. L. Jacobs, D. Roman, C. Garvey, J. Kahn, A. J. Matas
Altruistic Living Donors: Evaluation for Nondirected Kidney or Liver DonationM.D. Jendrisak, B. Hong, S. Shenoy, J. Lowell, N. Desai, W. Chapman, A. Vijayan, R.D. Wetzel, M. Smith, J. Wagner, S. Brennan, D. Brockmeier, D. Kappel
Living Anonymous Liver Donation: Case Report and Ethical JustificationL. Wright, K. Ross, S. Abbey, G. Levy, D. Grant
Successful Expansion of the Living Donor Pool by Alternative Living Donation ProgramsJ. I. Roodnat, J. A. Kal-van Gestel, W. Zuidema, M. A. A. van Noord, J. van de Wetering, J. N. M. IJzermans, W. Weimar
Elective Surgical Patients as Living Organ Donors: A Clinical and Ethical InnovationG. Testa, P. Angelos, M. Crowley-Matoka, M. Siegler
Kidney Donor Exchanges, Chains, and Dominos:
A Comparison of Populations Served by Kidney Paired Donation and List Paired DonationS. E. Gentry, D. L. Segev, R. A. Montgomery
The Dutch National Living Donor Kidney Exchange ProgramM. de Klerk, K. M. Keizer, F. H. J. Claas, M. Witvliet, B. J. J. M. Haase-Kromwijk, W. Weimar
Characterization of Waiting Times in a Simulation of Kidney Paired DonationD. L. Segev, S. E. Gentry, J. K. Melancon, R. A. Montgomery
Attitudes of Minority Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Regarding ABO-Incompatible List-Paired ExchangesP. D. Ackerman, J. R. Thistlethwaite Jr, L. F. Ross
Incompatible Kidney Donor Candidates' Willingness to Participate in Donor-Exchange and Non-directed DonationA. D. Waterman, E. A. Schenk, A. C. Barrett, B. M. Waterman, J. R. Rodrigue, E. S. Woodle, S. Shenoy, M. Jendrisak, M. Schnitzler
Utilizing List Exchange and Nondirected Donation through 'Chain' Paired Kidney DonationsA. E. Roth, T. Sönmez, M. U. Ünver, F. L. Delmonico, S. L. Saidman
Expanding Kidney Paired Donation Through Participation by Compatible PairsS. E. Gentry, D. L. Segev, M. Simmerling, R. A. Montgomery
Successful Three-Way Kidney Paired Donation with Cross-Country Live Donor Allograft TransportR. A. Montgomery, S. Katznelson, W. I. Bry, A. A. Zachary, J. Houp, J. M. Hiller, S. Shridharani, D. John, A. L. Singer, D. L. Segev
The Roles of Dominos and Nonsimultaneous Chains in Kidney Paired DonationS. E. Gentry, R. A. Montgomery, B. J. Swihart, D. L. Segev
Asynchronous, Out-of-Sequence, Transcontinental Chain Kidney Transplantation: A Novel ConceptF. K. Butt, H. A. Gritsch, P. Schulam, G. M. Danovitch, A. Wilkinson, J. Del Pizzo, S. Kapur, D. Serur, S. Katznelson, S. Busque, M. L. Melcher, S. McGuire, M. Charlton, G. Hil, J. L. Veale
Clinical Outcomes of Multicenter Domino Kidney Paired DonationY. J. Lee, S. U. Lee, S. Y. Chung, B. H. Cho, J. Y. Kwak, C. M. Kang, J. T. Park, D. J. Han, D. J. Kim
Organ Utilization and Outcomes:
Living-Donor Liver Transplantation for HepatoblastomaM. Kasahara, M. Ueda, H. Haga, H. Hiramatsu, M. Kobayashi, S. Adachi, S. Sakamoto, F. Oike, H. Egawa, Y. Takada, K. Tanaka
Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Biliary Atresia: A Single-Center Experience with First 100 CasesC.-L. Chen, A. Concejero, C.-C. Wang, S.-H. Wang, C.-C. Lin, Y.-W. Liu, C.-C. Yong, C.-H. Yang, T.-S. Lin, Y.-C. Chiang, B. Jawan, T.-L. Huang, Y.-F. Cheng, H.-L. Eng
Association Between Waiting Times for Kidney Transplantation and Rates of Live DonationD. L. Segev, S. E. Gentry, R. A. Montgomery
Regional and Racial Disparities in the Use of Live Non-Directed Kidney DonorsD. L. Segev, R. A. Montgomery
Recipient Morbidity After Living and Deceased Donor Liver Tranasplantation: Findings from the A2ALL Retrospective Cohort StudyC. E. Freise, B. W. Gillespie, A. J. Koffron, A. S. F. Lok, T. L. Pruett, J. C. Emond, J. H. Fair, R. A. Fisher, K. M. Olthoff, J. F. Trotter, R. M. Ghobrial, J. E. Everhart
Incidence and Severity of Acute Cellular Rejection in Recipients Undergoing Adult Living Donor or Deceased Donor Liver TransplantationA. Shaked, R. M. Ghobrial, R. M. Merion, T. H. Shearon, J. C. Emond, J. H. Fair, R. A. Fisher, L. M. Kulik, T. L. Pruett, N. A. Terrault
Resource Utilization of Living Donor Versus Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation Is Similar at an Experienced Transplant CenterJ. C. Lai, E. M. Pichardo, J. C. Emond, R. S. Brown Jr.
Organ Donation and Utilization in the United States: 1998–2007J. E. Tuttle-Newhall, S. M. Krishnan, M. F. Levy, V. McBride, J. P. Orlowski, R. S. Sung
Unique Early Gene Expression Patterns in Human Adult-to-Adult Living Donor Liver Grafts Compared to Deceased Donor GraftsJ. de Jonge, S. Kurian, A. Shaked, K. R. Reddy, W. Hancock, D. R. Salomon, K. M. Olthoff
Incentive Models to Increase Living Kidney Donation: Encouraging Without CoercingA. K. Israni, S. D. Halpern, S. Zink, S. A. Sidhwani, A. Caplan
Limiting Financial Disincentives in Live Organ Donation: A Rational Solution to the Kidney ShortageR. S. Gaston, G. M. Danovitch, R. A. Epstein, J. P. Kahn, A. J. Matas, M. A. Schnitzler
Public Attitudes Toward Incentives for Organ Donation: A National Study of Different Racial/Ethnic and Income GroupsL. E. Boulware, M. U. Troll, N. Y. Wang, N. R. Powe
The Association of State and National Legislation with Living Kidney Donation Rates in the United States: A National StudyL. E. Boulware, M. U. Troll, L. C. Plantinga, N. R. Powe
The Evolution and Direction of OPTN Oversight of Live Organ Donation and Transplantation in the United StatesR. S. Brown, Jr, R. Higgins, T. L Pruett
Stimulus for Organ Donation: A Survey of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons MembershipJ. R. Rodrigue, K. Crist, J. P. Roberts, R. B. Freeman Jr., R. M. Merion, A. I. Reed
Donor Procedures, Outcomes and Safety:
Obesity in Living Kidney Donors: Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes in the Era of Laparoscopic Donor NephrectomyJ. K. Heimbach, S. J. Taler, M. Prieto, F. G. Cosio, S. C. Textor, Y. C. Kudva, G. K. Chow, M. B. Ishitani, T. S. Larson, M. D. Stegall
Laparoscopic Procurement of Kidneys with Multiple Renal Arteries is Associated with Increased Ureteral Complications in the RecipientJ. T. Carter, C. E. Freise, R. A. McTaggart, H. D. Mahanty, S.M. Kang, S. H. Chan, S. Feng, J. P. Roberts, A. M. Posselt
Pre-donation Assessment of Kidneys by Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Venography: Accuracy and Impact on OutcomesS. A. Ames, M. Krol, K. Nettar, J. P. Goldman, T. M. Quinn, D. M. Herron, A. Pomp, J. S. Bromberg
Long-Term Consequences of Live Kidney Donation Follow-Up in 93% of Living Kidney Donors in a Single Transplant CenterJ. Gossmann, A. Wilhelm, H.G. Kachel, J. Jordan, U. Sann, H. Geiger, W. Kramer, E.H. Scheuermann
More on Parental Living Liver Donation for Children with Fulminant Hepatic Failure: Addressing Concerns About Competing Interests, Coercion, Consent and Balancing ActsA. Spital
Predictive Capacity of Pre-Donation GFR and Renal Reserve Capacity for Donor Renal Function After Living Kidney DonationM. Rook, H. S. Hofker, W. J. van Son, J. J. Homan van der Heide, R. J. Ploeg, G. J. Navis
Laparoscopic-Assisted Right Lobe Donor HepatectomyA.J. Koffron, R. Kung, T. Baker, J. Fryer, L. Clark, M. Abecassis
Cold Ischemia Time and Allograft Outcomes in Live Donor Renal Transplantation: Is Live Donor Organ Transport Feasible?C. E. Simpkins, R. A. Montgomery, A. M. Hawxby, J. E. Locke, S. E. Gentry, D. S. Warren, D. L. Segev
Evaluating Living Kidney Donors: Relationship Types, Psychosocial Criteria, and Consent Processes at US Transplant ProgramsJ. R. Rodrigue, M. Pavlakis, G. M. Danovitch, S. R. Johnson, S. J. Karp, K. Khwaja, D. W. Hanto, D. A. Mandelbrot
The Medical Evaluation of Living Kidney Donors: A Survey of US Transplant CentersD. A. Mandelbrot, M. Pavlakis, G. M. Danovitch, S. R. Johnson, S. J. Karp, K. Khwaja, D. W. Hanto, J. R. Rodrigue
Rescue of a Living Donor with Liver TransplantationB. Ringe, G. Xiao, D. A. Sass, J. Karam, S. Shang, T. P. Maroney, A. E. Trebelev, S. Levison, A. C. Fuchs, R. Petrucci, A. Ko, M. Gonzalez, J. C. Reynolds, W. C. Meyers
Nephrectomy Elicits Impact of Age and BMI on Renal Hemodynamics: Lower Postdonation Reserve Capacity in Older or Overweight Kidney DonorsM. Rook, R. J. Bosma, W. J. van Son, H. S. Hofker, J. J. Homan van der Heide, P. M. ter Wee, R. J. Ploeg, G. J. Navis
Pregnancy and Birth After Kidney Donation: The Norwegian ExperienceA. V. Reisæter, J. Røislien, T. Henriksen, L. M. Irgens, A. Hartmann
Pregnancy Outcomes After Kidney DonationH. N. Ibrahim, S. K. Akkina, E. Leister, K. Gillingham, G. Cordner, H. Guo, R. Bailey, T. Rogers, A. J. Matas
Preferences, Knowledge, Communication and Patient-Physician Discussion of Living Kidney Transplantation in African American FamiliesL. E. Boulware, L. A. Meoni, N. E. Fink, R. S. Parekh, W. H. L. Kao, M. J. Klag, N. R. Powe
Organ Donation Decision: Comparison of Donor and Nondonor FamiliesJ. R. Rodrigue, D. L. Cornell, R. J. Howard
Increasing Live Donor Kidney Transplantation: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Home-Based Educational InterventionJ. R. Rodrigue, D. L. Cornell, J. K. Lin, B. Kaplan, R. J. Howard
Emigration from the British Isles to Southeastern Spain: A Study of Attitudes Toward Organ DonationA. Ríos, P. Cascales, L. Martínez, J. Sánchez, N. Jarvis, P. Parrilla, P. Ramírez
Virtual Issue compiled online 2 Feb 2010

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