Sunday, February 28, 2010

The market for cooked food (and thoughts of D'Artagnan at Maastricht)

The market for pleasure boats ranges from canoes to yachts, and air transport ranges from economy class to big private jets, but the market for cooked food must rival them in its range. Here's an account of an enterprise yacht/jumbo jet meal: The D’Artagnan Anniversary Party.

"To mark the 25th anniversary of her company, D’Artagnan, Ariane Daguin, a native of the Gascon region in the southwest of France, flew in over two hundred of her countrymen for a week-long celebration in New York. ... What’s more, throughout the week Ms. Daugin installed a handful of Michelin-starred Gascon chefs in some of the most venerated kitchens in the city. The collaborations between the visiting chefs and their hosts culminated last Sunday in what D’Artagnan billed as, “The 32 Star Dinner: A Progressive Dining Experience.” Thirty-two is the total number of Michelin and New York Times stars achieved by the group of chefs responsible for the meal, which, true to the epicurean spirit of the evening, was served not in one restaurant, but in four: cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and the first two courses at Daniel, the next at Jean-Georges, two more at Per Se, and dessert at Le Bernardin. The buses that chauffeured us from stop to stop were filled with Gascon Armagnac."

(The headline of the article had led me to think it might be about the historical D'Artagnan, whose experience of Maastricht, in 1673, was more unfortunate than mine in 2009:)

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