Friday, September 4, 2009

Market Design Blog: the second year

Peter Coles and I began this blog in September 2008 to provide some additional motivation and context for our market design course. We weren't sure what we would blog about, except that we knew that we'd link to news stories related to market design either as a verb (designing markets) or as a noun (how the design of a market influences its performance). I also anticipated I'd follow up my interest in repugnant transactions, i.e. transactions that aren't represented in the marketplace because, even though some people might like to engage in them, others object.

Judging from the keywords we assigned to blog posts, repugnance turned out to be the modal subject. Other popular keywords have been (with some overlap): the academic marketplace, auctions, college admissions, compensation for donors, kidney exchange, market design, marriage, matching, and school choice. I retrospectively added a keyword, entrepreneurial market design, which is Peter's phrase.

We kept the blog going even after the course ended (it turns out I like to blog), and picked up some readers over the course of the year, some endorsements from much more famous bloggers (e.g. here and here), and even some friendly advice on how to get more readers (for which, thanks, although I'll probably keep it going as is for a while).

So, if you're taking the course, or if you're new to the blog for some other reason, welcome aboard. We're still figuring out what the blog is for, but it turns out that market design is everywhere, so there's lots to blog about. I'm looking forward to year 2.

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