Wednesday, August 19, 2009

U.S. black market for kidneys, continued

The AP takes up the story of a man who says he sold his kidney in NY for $20,000, and who posted a video on the web. Here's the publication of the story by MSNBC, which includes the video: Man says he sold kidney in U.S. for $20k. (The video isn't full of information, but the kidney content begins just after minute 5.)

"In 2005, a rebellious and sporadically employed Israeli man flew to New York to give up a kidney to save an American businessman. For that, he says he was paid $20,000, which appeared in a brown envelope on his hospital bed after the operation.
"Rosen believes he did a good deed and that organ donors like him should be compensated. Much of his story can be confirmed, and the case gives new resonance to claims that a black market for kidneys has thrived even in the United States."

Here's my earlier post on Black market for kidneys: in the US? , and here's the long list of posts on compensation for donors generally.

HT: Katy Milkman at Wharton


Uncle Big Steve said...

While I think it's good that people are donating kidneys and I don't mind a regulated market for them, is there any increased risk of future kidney disease for these currently healthy donors? Are we increasing the likelihood of a much bigger scarcity of kidneys in the future by using donated kidneys from the healthy now?

Unknown said...

Here is one for "markets in everything"

Unknown said...

Student tries to sell seat in a class