Friday, October 24, 2008

Kidney Exchange on Grey's Anatomy

Kidney exchange makes it into fiction on the Oct.23 episode of Grey's Anatomy, even more complicated than in real life (or at least complicated in different ways).

"Miranda pulls all the surgical residents and interns for a "domino surgery," -- 12 kidney transplants in six O.R.s at the same time. "This whole surgery is a giant house of cards. If we lose one donor, we lose them all," Miranda advises the team. Complications arise with one young man whose estranged father is paying him $10,000 to donate his kidney. Izzie complains to Miranda, but they all agree to turn a blind eye so that the surgery -- which is making national news -- can go on. The surgeries are canceled when a female donor learns that her husband's donor is also his lover of three years and decides not to donate her kidney. Miranda reminds her that five other peoples' lives are on the line as well and the woman agrees to go ahead with the surgery. "
{I'm guessing they mean 6 transplants in 12 O.R.s, 6 for the nephrectomies and 6 for the transplants, but I didn't see the show...A.R.}

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Anonymous said...

This was one episode not to miss!
The writers are really bringing the show back to its core!
Yes, complications occurred but everything always seems to work out :)
I give this episode a very enthusiastic 2 thumbs up and say that you should go watch it for yourself... you can always watch it online at
you won't be sorry :)