Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gaming the system, changing the rules. Pro Football

Rules evolve, as changes are made in reaction to unwanted behavior that the old rules elicit. The NFL will now allow coaches to communicate by radio directly with defensive players, reducing the need for hand signals.

The NY Times reports:
"Maybe defensive coaches should thank New England Coach Bill Belichick for trying to steal their signals. The N.F.L. had discussed giving the communication system to defenses in previous years, but in 2006, the measure fell two votes short of approval.
"Last spring, after Belichick was found to be videotaping opponents’ defensive signals, teams approved the plan by two votes. The nays were cast mostly by teams with offensive-minded coaches. The decision largely minimized the need for the hand signals that Belichick had been trying to glean. The Patriots were among the teams that switched their vote, from opposed to in favor. "

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Scott said...

For more on football (although not of the pro flavor) check out this article from the Harvard Crimson, which refers back to "Unraveling Yields Inefficient Matchings: Evidence from Post-Season College Football Bowls," HBS 09-010.

It's a problem that's already been addressed, but seems worth pointing out if only because matching rarely appears in The Crimson.