Sunday, September 28, 2008

Repugnant transactions in France

Legendary French bistro Lipp accepts Coke— at arm's length (in their new Mexican branch:)

"There are about a hundred wines on the list, along with a wide range of beers and water — but the only fizzy drink in this most Gallic of French restaurants is Schweppes tonic, which was authorised, after anguished debate, to enable Lipp's British customers to enjoy gin à l'anglaise.
“We allowed that in the name of entente cordiale, but we have never sold a bottle of Coca-Cola,” Mr Guittard told The Times.The only customers who asked for it were children and foreign visitors such as Bill Clinton, who dined at Lipp in 2006.
The former US President wanted to wash down his cassoulet with a Coca-Cola “but we didn't give in and so he had bordeaux instead”, said Mr Guittard. "


Mohammad Mahdian said...

Hi Al,

I just discovered this weblog!

Shouldn't this be considered a case of maintaining a brand image, and not a repugnant transaction? I doubt a third party observing a restaurant selling Coke is disgusted by the transaction, but this might change her perception of the quality/authenticity of the restaurant.

Al Roth said...

Hi Mohammad: welcome:) (we already taught your paper with Nicole this year.)

I think you are right in this case, but I thought it was a pretty funny story. And I bet there is some general repugnance to what Jose Bove calls "malbouffe - bad food," which has led him to jail for vandalizing a McDonalds...