Monday, January 13, 2020

The organization of organ donation: Jennifer Erikson and Abe Sutton call for an Office of Organ Policy

White House staffers from two very different administrations call for a reorganization of organ donation:

It's time to provide needed reform to the organ donation system

"Every day, Americans are dying because of an inefficient organ donation system. That reality is as tragic as it is fixable, and cemented a seemingly unlikely friendship between us as two former White House staffers who served two very different presidents.

"It might seem like there are not many points of policy agreement between the Trump and Obama White House, but organ donation reform is one.
"Organ donation policy has been split between different agencies within the federal government and even an external federal contractor called the Organ Procurement Transplantation Network. This splintering of responsibilities has led to an unaccountable system with patients left behind. As for one federal contractor responsible for oversight of other contractors, Grassley and Young called out the problem, writing: “we can no longer stand by idly while the fox guards the hen house.”

"The answer is to create a centralized Office of Organ Policy within HHS able to identify opportunities for reform, manage the system, and ensure that lives are saved and taxpayer dollars meant to support the system are not wasted."

HT: Frank McCormick 

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