Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Official and unoffical Iranian kidney marketplaces--online prices

The Journal of Urology has published an in-press short paper about an informal website that seems to operate alongside the official Iranian monetary market for kidneys. (Thanks to Jim Brooks for the pointer.)

 Donor Willingness to Accept for Selling a Kidney for Transplantation: Evidence from Iran  by Mehdi Feizi and Tannaz Moeindarbari

"The Iranian model of kidney donation, established in 1988, is a state-funded system of living  renal  transplant  where  the  government  pays  for  all  transplant-related  expenses.  The Iranian Kidney Foundation, IKF hereafter, is in charge to match recipients and compensated donors. On the supply side, each donor registers at the local IKF after conducting preliminary medical  tests.  On  the  demand  side,  any  ESRD  patient  could  enter  the  kidney  waiting  list according to his/her blood type. A renal patient is matched to a donor, basically with the same blood type, based on the first come, first served.

"Both sides could also find each other outside the IKF, say in an online kidney matching website. However, since the transplant is exclusively possible through an official letter from the IKF,  they  have to register there."
The article goes on to analyze prices asked and offered for kidney donation at the online kidney website that they refer to, .  It's in Farsi, but when I ask Google to translate it, their home page looks pretty interesting.  (It seems to offer the opportunity to search for kidneys by price as well as blood type.)

It contains some cautionary sentences:

"If you want to reach your goal without problems on this website, refuse to pay any money before the operation. Also, carry out kidney donation only through the Association for the Protection of Nephrology in your city."

It would be interesting to understand how websites like this interact with the official kidney market.

They also have a list of "our other websites" (again, in translation). The first one deals with surrogacy:

 Rental uterus

 My card

 Kidney donation

 The purse

 Amateur crafts

 Toggle Finder

 Mbti test


 Buy and Sell a Loan


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