Friday, July 6, 2018

Market design comes to Harvard Law School

Here's a piece from the Harvard Law Bulletin that caught my eye:
Holger Spamann brings new thinking to the structure of his class and casebook 

He's teaching "a corporate finance course divided into four different modules, any of which students can opt out of depending on their knowledge level.

"A student who comes in with a great deal of experience in the field will be able to skip the initial module on basic valuation. Subsequent modules cover diversification and market efficiency, capital structure, and then finally auctions and market design. Students who want to only dip their feet can opt out of later modules.

"Spamann, who also earned a master’s and Ph.D. in economics from Harvard and practiced briefly as an M&A attorney, says his background in economics informs his approach to corporate finance and how he teaches the subject."

Spamann and Guhan Subramanian also have a casebook for sale: here's the Amazon link.

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