Thursday, January 11, 2018

Videos from the 2018 AEA Posters

This year the AEA meetings continued the tradition of having lots of poster presentations, and of videotaping some of the authors.
You can find those here: 2018 AEA Poster Videos (and the collection from previous years, which right now also includes just 2017 when we started this here: AEA Poster Session Videos).

You can go directly to each of the 2018 poster presentations at the links below:

Ann Owen on gender diversity on bank boards

January 9, 2018
How does having more women on a board affect bank performance?

Antonio Alonso Arechar on the role of honesty in cooperation

January 10, 2018
Does "cheap talk" help people work together?

Carola Binder on how gas prices are tied to consumer inflation expectations

January 10, 2018
How should monetary policymakers respond to energy price fluctuations?

Dennis Bonam on the stability of monetary unions

January 9, 2018
Can monetary unions come back from unstable times?

Elmer Li on assessing school quality

January 10, 2018
Is student mobility a better measure of school quality than test scores?

Jim Marrone on the black market for antiquities

January 9, 2018
How do economists study archaeological looting?

Lei Gao on mortgage discrimination to same-sex loan applicants

January 9, 2018
How do lenders treat homosexual borrowers differently?

Lucy Xiaolu Wang on how health IT reduces opioid-related deaths

January 10, 2018
How can prescription monitoring programs be more effective?

Seth Gershenson on the impact of same-race educators

January 9, 2018
What impact does having a same-race teacher have on long-term student performance?

Shaikh Eskander on how Bangladeshi farmers adapt to natural disasters

January 9, 2018
How do farmers use the land rental market to mitigate the effects of climate change?

Sriya Anbil on emergency lending in the Great Depression

January 9, 2018
How can we identify "bad banks"?

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