Friday, October 13, 2017

Summary of the Israeli Medical Internship Match

Slava Bronfman, Avinatan Hassidim, Gideon Kalif, and Assaf Romm (2017), Matching practices for entry-labor markets – The Israeli Medical Internship Match, MiP Country Profile 25.”

Summary box

What is allocated?Medical internships.
Who are the participants?Graduates of medical schools.
Stated objectives of matching policyFairness among doctors, equal spread of talent across the country.
Who’s in charge?The Ministry of Health and a committee elected by the student body.
In place since2014
Available capacitySame as the number of doctors (≈500 local grads + ~200 foreign grads).
Timing of enrolmentMay of every year.
Information available to applicants prior to enrolment periodDescription and code of the mechanism, summary statistics of previous years.
Restrictions on preference expressionStudents must rank all hospitals.
Matching procedureVariant of competitive equilibrium with equal incomes (CEEI).
Priorities and quotasProportional to hospitals’ size, and extra for periphery.
Further special featureCouples are to the same hospital.
Bronfman, S., Alon, N., Hassidim, A., and Romm, A.,2015. Redesigning the Israeli Medical Internship Match. In Proceedings of the Sixteenth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 753-754.

 Bronfman, S., Hassidim, A., Afek, A., Romm, A., Shreberk, R., Hassidim, A. and Massler, A., 2015. Assigning Israeli medical graduates to internships. Israel journal of health policy research, 4(1).

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