Saturday, September 2, 2017

AEA continuing education programs, demise of AER P&P and other AEA announcements

Those of you who are members of the American Economic Association recently received an email with several announcements. Here are some that might particularly appeal to readers of this blog.

The AEA's 2018 Continuing Education Program will be held at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown on January 7-9, 2018, immediately following the close of ASSA. Participants can choose from three concurrent programs. Topics and speakers will include Mechanism Design - Atila Abdulkadiroglu (Duke), Nikhil Agarwal (MIT), and Parag Pathak (MIT); Machine Learning and Econometrics - Guido Imbens (Stanford) and Susan Athey (Stanford); and DSGE Models and the Role of Finance - Lawrence Christiano (Northwestern) and Thomas Philippon (NYU). Registration opens September 12th. For more information and updates see

Locations for Future Annual Meetings will be Philadelphia, January 5-7, 2018, followed by: Atlanta (2019), San Diego (2020), Chicago (2021), Boston (2022), New Orleans (2023), San Antonio (2024), San Francisco (2025), and Philadelphia (2026).

Beginning in 2018, selected papers from the AEA Annual Meeting will be published in May each year as a standalone journal titled AEA Papers and Proceedings and will no longer be the May issue of the American Economic Review. For more information, see

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