Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ethicists on compensation for blood stem cells (aka bone marrow aka hematopoietic cells) donors

The site hosts a letter signed by many ethicists opposing an amendment to the National Organ Transplant Act to reverse the court decision outlawing payment to blood stem cell donors. (Got that? the letter is pro compensation.)

The site is full of interesting related links.

Here's the site's front page:
This site houses an open letter to Shelley Grant of the Department of Health and Human Services regarding a proposed amendment to the National Organ Transplant Act that would effectively outlaw offering compensation for hematopoietic cells donation. The signatories are professional ethicists who believe that the proposed amendment is unethical and should be rejected.
The details of the proposed amendment can be found here.
The case that prompted the amendment, Flynn v. Holder, is explained here.

Peter M. Jaworski conceived of the letter and is its primary author.
David Faraci was a major contributor to the letter and maintains the website.

Here's a link to Hemeos, a startup service for matching stem cell donors to patients, which plans to compensate donors.

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