Saturday, January 7, 2017

AEA Poster session: The Ongoing Design of Kidney Exchange

This year we've organized an expanded set of posters at the AEA meetings in Chicago, and mine is  on The Ongoing Design of Kidney Exchange: Recent and Prospective Developments. Below is a picture of the poster taken by Craig Huey (but it is probably easier to read at the link above:).

Kidney exchange has become an increasingly standard and important part of kidney transplantation in the U.S.. But in some ways how it has developed is very different than my experience in other areas of market design. One way to see the difference is that in some other markets on which I've worked, like labor markets for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and school choice, the initial designs that were proposed, adapted, adopted and implemented are still in use today, using variants of the deferred acceptance algorithm in more or less the original form in which they were implemented in each labor market and school district. Not so for kidney exchange, which has to constantly adapt to the ways that transplant centers themselves adapt to kidney exchange, and to each other and the several multi-hospital kidney exchange networks.

Here are the papers of mine that I chose to reflect this evolution on the poster, in chronological order. (Of course there's lots of related work in which I'm not a coauthor, but posters have their limits.) Another difference from some of my previous market design experience is that a lot of the discussion of practical design issues goes on in medical journals...

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