Monday, November 14, 2016

Some unscreened NYC high schools would like to be able to choose the most interested students

Here's the story from WNYC: Theme High Schools Long to Find the Most Interested Applicants

The story talks about some of NYC's specialized high schools, like Food and Finance High School, which apparently aren't allowed to interview students, and worry that not all of the students who are assigned to them are as passionate about Food and Finance as they might be, and might object to all the dirty dishes that they'll have to wash at a cooking school.

Some of the teachers interviewed seem to think they might prefer an immediate acceptance algorithm that would assign them students who ranked them first on their preference lists.

I'm skeptical about that, but I can well imagine that it would indeed serve the school and some students well to make places for the passionate cooks. Allowing the school to interview and rank students would help with that.

HT: Jacob Leshno

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