Monday, September 12, 2016

A chat about the design of ad auctions with Gabriel Weintraub

Gabriel Weintraub has just moved to Stanford from Columbia. Here's a recent interview with him about bidding for online advertisements.
A Chat With AppNexus Chief Economist Gabriel Weintraub

"RTBlog: What is market design?

Weintraub: It’s an area of economics that uses tools from game theory, econometrics, and micro-economic theory to understand how marketplaces work. It looks at what the dynamics are, and advertising auction logic that affects incentives to achieve certain objectives. It looks at how to set up rules to make the auction more efficient.

If your goal is increasing a seller’s revenue, that’s a goal market design can address. Another goal is efficiency and making markets safe. And you want to monetize the inventory, and outcomes that are fair for both buyers and sellers. Market design is having a significant impact on how digital marketplaces are being run."

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