Tuesday, June 7, 2016

College admissions--and censorship--in China (during the approach to the Gaokao college entrance exam)

David Yang writes:

Just want to share a post I saw on China’s social media today. 

This week is China’s college entrance exam (Gaokao), and a high-profile social media account featured your book and the matching algorithm in a post about the college admission system in China. See picture #1: the title of the post reads “One algorithm that solves the challenges of college admission”, and you can see the cover of your book below. The abstract reads: “Rarely is economics this useful and pragmatic — a classic algorithm can potentially lead China’s college admission system out of trouble, solving the lose-lose situation currently faced by students and universities.”

And when you click on the article, you see Picture #2, which is a signal that the article has been censored and content deleted. College admission system in China has been fiercely debated and it is become quite a sensitive topic!


zjhtqf said...

I searched online and read this article in Chinese. The author cited your book and discusses the benefits of DA in real life applications, then concluded by asking "why isn't Chinese college admission using this mechanism?"

My comments are:
1. The author does not know that Chinese college admission is actually using a slight variation of DA called Parallel mechanism (see Chen and Kesten), hence his accusation is wrong.
2. I am not sure that this article is deleted by the authority due to censorship. The topic is debated but hardly sensitive, and the article itself may have been pointed out wrong.

Al Roth said...

Thanks. Can you post a link at which others could read the article in Chinese?

zjhtqf said...

Please see http://wangshuo.blog.caixin.com/archives/147382

Anonymous said...

zjhtqf is totally right. Some scholars have discussed DA algorithm in Chinese journal. The author of caixin is totally wrong.