Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Microeconomic Insights: a new website for economists

I've just added this new website to my newsfeed:
Microeconomic Insights: distilling research for public debate

Ariel Pakes writes:
"We are starting a new website entitled Microeconomic Insights.  We intend it to be a home for accessible summaries of high quality microeconomic research which informs the public about microeconomic issues relevant to the public debate.  Its goal is to bridge the gap between academic research and the public’s knowledge, thereby informing the public’s conversation on microeconomic issues. Microeconomic Insights’ intellectual content will be determined by an editorial board whose sole goal is to disseminate the insights from the very best research in microeconomics, irrespective of its political or ideological viewpoint.  ... The editors will work with the authors of the selected papers – forthcoming or recently published peer-reviewed journal articles – to write short 1,500-2,000 non-technical summaries of the key insights for a public policy audience.  The preparation of the final text of these articles will be done by a team of independent editors with extensive experience of writing for the public."

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