Wednesday, June 17, 2015

San Francisco is becoming a center for kidney exchange

UCSF Medical Center, CPMC Join Forces for 18-Patient Kidney Transplant Chain

"A unique collaboration between UCSF Medical Center and Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) resulted in what is believed to be one of the nation’s first nine-way kidney transplant chains occurring in one city over a 36-hour period.

The chain started on Thursday morning (June 4), with an altruistic patient donating a kidney as a token of gratitude for his good health. It concluded with a recipient who has been on dialysis for several years.

The surgeries involved the above donor and recipient and an additional 16 patients – eight recipients, each paired by a friend or family member. These pairs were either blood type or immunologically incompatible with each other but were compatible with other pairs in the group.
"“This collaboration with CPMC enables us to broaden our pool of kidney transplant donors and recipients and treat them at two medical centers separated by only a few miles,” said John Roberts, MD, professor of surgery and chief of UCSF Medical Center Transplant Service. “The proximity of the hospitals means the donated kidney can be swiftly transplanted, minimizing risks to patients. This paired kidney exchange also benefits those on the transplant waiting list and moves up others who are still waiting.”

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