74 Hall of Fame

We are proud to honor the following members of TEAM 74 for their great success!  If you know of anyone that should be included, please let us know!

Grace Meng (Class of 1989) - Congresswoman currently serving first term in House of Representatives (Sixth Congressional District). First Asian-American Member of Congress from New York.

Alvin Roth (Class of 1966) - Winner of the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences in 2012.  

Mets radio broadcaster Howie Rose will make the

Howie Rose (Class of 1968) - Radio broadcaster for the New York Mets on WOR 710.  

Mark Jackson (Student late 1970s) - NBA All-Star and Rookie of the Year.  Played for the New York Knicks from 1987 - 1992 and coached the Golden State Warriors from 2011-2014.

Seymour Simon (Teacher 1960s) - Award winning author of over 250 children's science books.  

Arvind Mahankali (Class of 2013) - 2013 Scripps Spelling Bee Winner