Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Which law schools produce the highest percentage of clerks in Federal courts?

Clerkships, by law school, from U.S. News & World Report.

Federal Judicial Clerkship Rankings
School (name) (state)2015 Best Law Schools rankPercent of 2012 employed J.D. grads with federal judicial clerkshipsPercent of 2012 employed J.D. grads with state and local judicial clerkships
Yale University(CT)136.3%3.3%
Stanford University (CA)329.1%2.9%
Harvard University (MA)218.5%4.4%
University of Chicago415%1.9%
Duke University(NC)1014.3%6.9%
Vanderbilt University (TN)1612.6%4.9%
University of Virginia812.6%6.2%
University of Notre Dame (IN)2611%2.4%
University of Pennsylvania710.6%3.8%
University of Georgia2910.3%7.2%
University of Alabama2310.1%3.2%
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (MI)109.6%3.7%
University of Texas—Austin159%3.2%
Columbia University (NY)48.1%0.9%
University of Southern California (Gould)207.9%0%
Cornell University (NY)137.3%2.8%
University of California—Berkeley97.1%2.4%
Northwestern University (IL)127.1%2.2%
Washington and Lee University(VA)436.9%13.8%
Emory University (GA)196.6%4.3%
Wake Forest University (NC)316.6%2.9%

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