Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recap of the 25th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory- Matching and Market Design

The 25th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory- Matching and Market Design was, in my humble opinion, a great success. If you click on the link above you can see videos of all 20 lectures.  (There's even a "play all" button, which I presume (I haven't tried it) would launch 30 hours of lectures that you could binge-watch.)

Over a hundred students attended the lectures, given by ten speakers over nine days (plus a day off). Many visitors attended at least some of the lectures, led by Ken Arrow who attended them all. Eyal Winter was celebrated as he finished 15 years as director of the summer school, and prepared to hand the reins to Elchanan Ben-Porath.

Topics covered ranged from elegant abstract theory to fully implemented practical designs, from matching markets to auctions and financial markets, and from designs implemented two decades ago to designs successfully implemented this year.

The quality of the students, and of the new generation of market designers who lectured, makes me very optimistic about the future of market design as "the source of practical advice, solidly grounded in well tested theory, on designing the institutions through which we interact with one another."


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