Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NAS research briefing--Market Design: The Economist as Engineer (short video)

The six NAS research briefings are available at NASonline.org at the link for the 151st annual meeting, on (one, long) video: six Research Briefings by new NAS members

They are all worth listening to. (You have to scroll down to get to the Research Briefings.)

My lecture starts at 47:30 (and you can get there directly by clicking on the link "Market Design: The Economist as Engineer. Alvin E. Roth" It's 20 minutes (it was supposed to be 15, with 5 minutes for questions, but I wasn't the worst offender...).

Not shown in the rush is the final slide from my Nobel lecture, about market design being a team sport:

Update: here's a link that should take you directly to my lecture

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