Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some industrial farming practices become cause for popular concern

Kristof in his NY Times column: Is that sausage worth this?

"While forcing hogs to be solitary and immobile in gestation crates for their entire adult lives is soul-crushing, popular disgust is leading to a revolution in industrial farming practices. Whole Foods and Chipotle and Burger King were among the first companies to avoid pigs raised in gestation crates, and, in the last few years, McDonalds, Safeway, Costco, Oscar Mayer and dozens of other companies have announced similar moves, often after a transition. It doesn’t seem as though costs will rise significantly.

"Carl Icahn, the investor, warned Tyson Foods that it had to drop gestation crates if it wanted to find buyers for its pork. Tyson got the message: Just last month, it wrote to all its suppliers and told them to treat pigs more humanely and to give them space to turn around. Smithfield Foods, which is the world’s largest pork producer and was acquired last year by a Chinese company, last month reaffirmed its commitment to transition away from gestation crates."

Here's an interview on such matters I gave not long ago: Alvin Roth On Future Of Food

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