Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Directed deceased organ donation

Here's a story from Modesto about a relatively rare directed donation of deceased donor organs: Dad selects recipients of Modesto woman’s kidneys after car crash

"The lives of two organ recipients and the father who lost a young daughter are linked by “directed donation,” in which a person chooses recipients for organ donations.

"Nearly 3,000 Californians received organ transplants from 1,279 donors who lost their lives in 2013. Families of about 190 of the donors had at least one specific person in mind to whom they wanted to give an organ. But after considering whether the recipient was on the donor list, was well enough to undergo surgery and was a biological match to the donor, only a quarter of the chosen recipients received the organs they needed.

"In the case of 27-year-old Modestan Stephanie Methvin, both recipients were able to accept a kidney, and both are also from Stanislaus County.

“It is really rare in this case that both folks were able to accept the kidneys,” said Tony Borders, spokesman for the California Transplant Donor Network." 

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