Friday, December 14, 2012

Interview by the Nobel foundation

Here's a 25 minute interview, which starts a bit slowly, but in which I get to talk about matching: Video interview with Alvin E. Roth

Around minute 19 I'm asked about free markets and I talk about how free markets have rules that let them operate freely. I suggest the metaphor of a wheel that can rotate freely, because it has well oiled bearings: "wheels don't occur naturally, they're human creations. And so are markets."

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Josh D. said...

I’m not an economist but I find the idea of dual-sided matching very cool (well as cool as an economic algorithm can be). I was on a working group and we recommend using the dual-sided algorithm to place staff within research and development branches within our organization. I wonder how many other organizations have applied this concept to their matching process.

Regarding our organization, the next step is to program this algorithm in SAS. I would love to hear if anyone has a SAS program written to accomplish this.